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Skilfully executed Pen and Ink concept sketches provide rapid ideation and professional presentation of design ideas. Click on image to link to exemplar video

Industrial Design Concept Sketches



Industrial Design Visualisation Services

Concept sketching for Industrial Design

The simple concept sketch is an essential part of establishing client confidence in a great design idea at the outset of a project. What do you do when you want an Industirial design concept sketch with just a little more flair to make that great design idea leap off the page?

Bring in a hired gun!

NGI Design Visualisation is passionate and highly skilled in analogue, digital, and hybrid presentation styles. So much so we have been teaching concept sketching to other Industrial Designers since 1988.

Design Development images for Industrial Design

If you are looking for images to convey a greater level of visual quality as you move through design development NGI Design Visualisation has the flexibility and experience to provide images tailored to the specific needs of your project.

Specialist 3D modelling for complex product design problems

NGI Design Visualisation can value add to your existing 3D modelling workflow.

Our 3D modelling software allows us to tackle complex design and modelling problems efficiently that would be a major hurdle for more mainstream Industrial design software options. Our file transfer pipeline allows us to receive client models in a wide variety of formats for hassle free importing into our 3D modelling software. We can also export our files back to our clients, or use them for digital rendering.

Industrial Design Animation

NGI Design Visualization can provide animations from simple concept proposals to high end multimedia presentations for any stage of your Industrial design projects.

3D PDFs to dynamically communicate your concepts for Industrial Design Presentations

NGI Design Visualisation can readily convert both our models and your models into 3D PDF format to allow you to dynamically communicate your designs to clients using a standard Adobe reader without specialist skills, software, or computers, with file sizes that can be readily sent via FTP sites or even email.

Storyboarding for Industrial Design

When you need storyboarding to communicate the wider context of your design, the research, stakeholders, and persona‚Äôs that form an essential part of your design process NGI Design Visualisation provide a specialist service targeted at this essential niche. We can provide compelling analogue and hybrid images that will help to convey aspects of your great design ideas beyond simple descriptions of form.